Vinegar – A Natural Clean

About a year ago, I stopped buying pricey household cleaners when I discovered the wonders of vinegar.  White vinegar is a natural sanitizer and is great at dissolving dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits from smooth surfaces.  It’s also a natural deodorizer, absorbing odors instead of covering them up and any vinegar aroma disappears when dry.

A simple solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar is a fantastic all purpose cleaner.  Just mix in a spray bottle and you are ready to go.  I use this cleaner in every room of my house.  Since it sanitizes I can use it in both the kitchen and the bathroom.  It works great on mirrors, leaving a streak free clean.  For toilets simply pour in about a cup of straight vinegar and let sit a few minutes then clean as usual.

On top of using a healthier, more natural product, you will be saving money.

At Sams Club two gallons of white vinegar costs $3.38.  While a single 32 oz. bottle of Clorox Green Works costs $3.88.  This is a savings of$12.14 if using straight vinegar, and $27.66 when using a 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water solution.

I recently learned that vinegar is easy to make at home, something I will definitely be blogging about in the future!

Thanks for reading

Cindy Dorfsmith


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