Simple Laundry Detergent

Making your own laundry detergent is simple, inexpensive, and more natural than commercial soaps.

All you need is:

a box of borax (approx $4)

a box washing soda (approx $4)

a bar of ivory soap (approx $1)

and a cheese grater

Shred 1 cup (about a half a bar) of ivory soap.

Mix with 2 cups borax, 2 cups washing soda.

Use 1 tablespoon in each wash.

1 batch will last for 64 loads of laundry and the boxes of borax and soda will make 4 batches of soap for a total of 256 loads of laundry for only $9.

Hope you enjoy saving some money and living a little more simply!

Thanks for reading,

Cindy Dorfsmith



  1. Is is never wise to mix cleaning agents, particularly with chlorine bleach involved. The chemical reaction between these two cleaners can release harmful gases, most notably chlorine gas.

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