Reusable Cloth Snack Bags

Plastic snack bags not only add to the landfill, but deplete our pocket books as well.  Reusable plastic containers are often too bulky to replace the convenience  of a snack bag.  If you have basic sewing and ironing skills you can easily make a few reusable cloth snack bags in a single afternoon.

What you need:

-Cotton material of your choice

-Iron on vinyl


First, adhere vinyl to the back of your material.  (Follow the direction on the iron on vinyl, which may vary by brand.)

Cut your material to desired snack bag size (plus 1/2 inch for seams)

I cut wanted larger bags, so I cut my material 9″ x 8″

Fold top of material over about 1/4″ and sew (this will be the bag opening)

Put material vinyl side out and sew three sides together, leaving the side already sewed open.

Cut Velcro to length of bag and adhere.  Self adhesive Velcro works really well.

Repeat until you have as many bags as you want.

This is a very easy project for anyone.  I only have basic sewing skills and I was able to finish in just a couple of hours.  I would recommend using a tight stitch so they are more durable.  These can be thrown in the washing machine and air-dried.  They work well for most snacks, such as pretzels, chips, grapes, cookies, cereals and much more.

Thanks for reading!

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Cindy Dorfsmith


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