Up-cycle an old t-shirt into a bag

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the number of plastic bags you use or want an alternative to purchasing re-usable bags at the store check stand, look no further.  Most of us have old t-shirts hanging in our closet that we know we’ll never wear again.  It’s time we rid our closets of this clutter and give these t-shirts new life as re-usable bags.

This project is simple, and really quick!  I finished this bag in just over 3 minutes.

First, grab an old t-shirt.


Next, cut off the neck and sleeves.


Turn the shirt inside out, then pin the bottom closed.


Then, sew the pinned bottom of the shirt.


Turn and enjoy your new bag which is durable, light and washable.



One comment

  1. Yes! Have to make these! I have quite a few old T-shirts around that I love the design… or it just sentimental, but I don’t wear them! Perfect idea 🙂

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