Revamp a Lamp

Last week I realized I was in need of a lamp for my desk, but after looking at a few price tags I decided that the thrift store would be more friendly to my bank account.  It didn’t take long before I found this nice stainless lamp, but was unimpressed with the dull yellow lamp shade.



Thankfully I had just bought a remnant of bright red fabric from JoAnns and decided that it would match my decor much better.  So I set out to figure out how to recover the mustard yellow lamp shade.

First, I roughly measured the lamp and cut the fabric to fit leaving a quarter inch overhang on the bottom and top of the shade and roughly two inches of fabric to overlap the circumference of the shade.  I then hot glued one of the ends to the shade and ironed a quarter inch fold on the other end of the fabric.



I wrapped the fabric around the shade pulling it tight  and hot glued the end seam down.



Next, I trimmed the top and bottom of the shade to leave a small overlap.



Then I hot glued the edge down working in one inch sections.



After completing the edges I went back around and secured any sections that did not completely seal down.

With a little hot glue and some imagination I turned this boring yellow lamp into a fun and modern addition to my desk.


Thanks for reading!






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