A Short Intro

Hello Simply Flagstaff readers!


I just wanted to make a quick little post to say hello. I’m Christine. Cindy was so awesome to share her blog-space with me and let me contribute to this wonderful blog on all things living simply in Flagstaff.


A little about me: I don’t actually live in Flagstaff, but out in Parks. I’ve got a bit more room to stretch and try things out, like chickens and rabbits! This May, I’ll be graduating from nursing school and braving the world of hospitals and needles and modern medicine. In contrast, though, I love using herbal remedies and essential oils to help cure what ails me and my family. I’m hoping to try my hand at gardening this spring – plants scare me…


My hopes are to share posts on sewing, knitting, raising (and processing and eating!) animals, DIY home products, DIY beauty products, cooking, and maybe even a bit on gardening! If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see please let us know!!


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