Instant Happy Journal

The Instant Happy Journal : 365 days of inspiration, gratitude, and joy, by Karen Salmansohn

I love the idea of keeping a journal.  I constantly find myself picking up pretty notebooks, special pens and pencils, stickers and embellishments with the good intentions of using them in my journal.  Unfortunately good intentions is about as far as it ever goes.  So, when I received The Instant Happy Journal, I didn’t expect it to go much further than sitting on my shelf adding to my other blank journals and notebooks.  But when I opened this little book, I knew I had found my way of journaling. Each day gives a prompt and either several lines, numbers, bullets or in some cases a blank page for a drawing.

Here are some of my favorite prompts from the book:

-What’s something you need to finish? Why haven’t you?

-Resentment merely dims your light.  Gratitude grows your light. Light up this page with appreciation!

-Take a few moments to breathe.  Then listen.  What do you need to pay more attention to in your life right now?

-Draw a picture of what your mood would look like if it were a flower.

The pages are colorful and uplifting.  I have only had this journal for a few days, but I can’t wait to see what each day has in store for my, to bring me happiness, and appreciation for my life.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my review.


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