Book Review: Baking 60 Sensational Treats

Book Review: Baking 60 Sensational Treats

As a mother who works full time while juggling soccer practice and softball for the kids and yoga classes for myself, it is very hard to find time and energy to focus on baking. This is unfortunate because all too often the default dessert in our house ends up being unhealthy store bought snacks that filled with preservatives and ingredients that most people can’t even pronounce.


So I was thrilled when I stumbled across Food 52’s new book Baking: 60 Sensational Treats You Can Pull Off In A Snap. This book was created for the sole purpose of giving people like me quick recipes that don’t take a ton of planning and and are somewhat healthier than a box of Twinkies.

Covered categories include Breakfast Goods, Fruit Desserts, Special Occasion Cakes among many others. Nothing too fancy, but all very very good. As this book says, these are the kinds of recipes that grandma used to make!

You can buy the book on amazon here:


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