In October of 2006, Cindy Dorfsmith moved to Flagstaff with her husband Elisha and son Adrian.  Being born and raised in the mountains of Southern California, the mild summers and snowy winters of Flagstaff make her feel at home.

With an interest in gardening and self-sustainability, Cindy started a vegetable garden in a 4’ x 4’ raised bed.  Invigorated by the success and learning from the failures of the small garden, she plans to expand to several larger beds and many new crops.  She is looking forward to preserving, canning, drying and storing her harvest.

Over the past few years; Cindy has noticed many people and businesses in flagstaff striving to live a simpler, more locally based life.  With this observation in mind, the thought seed for this blog was planted.  The focus of her blog will be promoting a back-to-basics way of life that includes backyard and neighborhood gardens, cooking from scratch, a spotlight on businesses that promote a local economy, and reviews on products that help us become more self-sufficient as individuals, and as a community.



  1. Hi Cindy! I found your blog while I was searching the internet to find out if chickens are allowed in Flagstaff! We are moving to Flagstaff this summer! I too, am interested in gardening and preparedness. Have you been taking a vacation from blogging?? Maybe we could meet for lunch after we get moved!
    Happy gardening!
    Lainey Mahaffey

    1. Hi Lainey,

      I have been taking a vacation from blogging, but plan on getting back into it this summer with my garden. I would love to meet after you’re settled in. We have a decent sized group of “urban farmers” up here. We have been working to make it easier for people to have chickens in their yard. We should hear back from the City of Flagstaff soon to see what they have come up with for the new code. From what I’ve heard so far it will be something we can definitely support! Welcome to Flagstaff, I look forward to meeting you soon!


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